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Friends forever Two little old ladies walking down the street holding hands.

Little Old Lady uses a marionette to feed the squirrel nuts... How sweet is she!

Funny pictures about Sweet Puppet. Oh, and cool pics about Sweet Puppet. Also, Sweet Puppet photos.

just beautiful

Mary and Elizabeth.Young San girl kisses and old woman on the forehead - Martin Harvey Photography - Photographer faces of sophia)

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I love You with all my heart and I will love You for the rest of my life You are all that I want and more than anything I want to make you happy. I want to grow old with You

Woman Pushing Friend on Skateboard

Young at Heart! LMBO this will be my sis and I when we're older lol right bri

we like this picture because it tells a story. this picture would be great to use if we are covering a break, or a fun activity that happened. it would be great for some mods to show happiness and shock.

Happiness is a powerful emotion that can lift you much higher than anything that tries to weigh you down. Laughing with a friend in the rain can make you so happy just to be alive.

via 500px / Photo “Hope my dream comes true..” by Eddy Ngadiwidjaya)

where else would you sleep? that must have been a really long ride ! whimsical, sweet and very cute sleeping child real wonderful life photo