A Look Inside the Winchester Mystery House: A Hallway to Nowhere

A Look Inside the Winchester Mystery House

A Look Inside the Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California. The interior of the house has several "hallways to nowhere," like this staircase that ends at a wall.

Winchester Mystery House: Grand Ballroom

A silver chandelier. Six different hardwoods. Stained-glass windows inscribed with obscure Shakespeare quotes. And the whole thing was sealed off after the 1906 earthquake.

The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House

Entrance to the Winchester Mystery House

Main front entrance of Winchester house - Picture of Winchester Mystery House, San Jose - TripAdvisor

winchester mansion

Pen & Ink study of the Winchester Mansion, San Jose California Winchester Mansion

San Jose, California based Winchester Mystery House considered the “world’s most haunted house.” ------ This place is so much fun! There is an upstairs room where the floor is made entirely of trap doors! Also, doors that open up to a solid wall and stairs that lead up to the ceiling! Beautiful architecture and gardens too!

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA . supposedly haunted by Sarah Winchester who built this enormous house after a psychic told her that if she did not build ghost would come to kill her

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An original picture of the Ballroom in Sarah Winchesters house. This was in the front area of the house she boarded up in that& still closed off til today

Winchester Mansion, San Jose, California oh-the-places-you-will-go

Winchester Mystery House is located in California. It was commissioned by Sarah Winchester who said spirits had told her to build an outlandish designed house. This house contained many things in bulk of thirteen which to Sarah was, superstitious.

Depuis ce temps, la maison Winchester est restée à l’état d’époque, nous pouvons toujours contempler ses 160 pièces, ses 47 cheminées ou encore même ses 2 salles de bal.

Over the years, an estimated 500 to 600 rooms were eventually built and rebuilt, with the final count hovering around 160 – although some people claim that every attempt at an exact count has ended in failure.

Winchester Mystery House in California-such a cool, creepy place. Lots of memories of going there when I was little.

Winchester Mystery House in California-such a cool, creepy place.