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Guardian Angel

One of the best Parrot pictures ever! This Umbrella Cockatoo and Sun Conure seen to be best friends.this certainly takes the saying "Let me take you under my wing" to a whole new level.

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Eagle photography black and white photography by alan hinchliffe -- those eyes!

Se belas fotos de animais já atraem a atenção no Instagram, imagina uma amizade tão grande e inusitada como essas?

Um cachorro, 8 pássaros e um hamster são os melhores amigos mais fofos do mundo

A Dog, 8 Birds and A Hamster Are The Most Unusual Best Friends Ever. That Hamster is really fat. sorry hamster!

O japonês de olhos brancos (Zosterops japonicus), também conhecido como o pássaro Mejiro.

The Japanese White-eye (Zosterops japonicus), also known as the mejiro bird. Basically a real life angry bird

Pássaros exóticos

Cordon blue finches (male has red cheeks). * * " MALE FINCH: " It's a wonderful life;" FEMALE FINCH: " Oh yeah, wunnaful. I haz to lay de eggs and feed screamin' beaks while you fly around to yer little birdie heart's content.


One seriously pissed off bird! The Shoebill (Balaeniceps rex), also known as the Whalehead or Shoe-billed Stork

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Vor den Fluten gerettet

Brave Boy Risks His Life to Save Baby Deer from Drowning. Wildlife photographer Hasibul Wahab who photographed the rescue said, “My friend was even ready to jump into the river to save the boy. But he made it, and when he returned, we thanked the boy.

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The Indian Ringneck Parrot or Parakeet (Psittacula krameri manillensis) also referred to as Rose-ringed Parakeet or, simply, Ring-necked Parakeet. Many are bred for pets.

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This is a great picture! I haven't seen a photo of a red headed woodpecker in ages, let alone one feeding its baby peepers.

Ленточные или полосатые зимородки/Banded kingfishers

Banded kingfishers