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Today, I'm going to show you some DIY Pendant Lights that won't break the bank and will give your space an entirely new look.

DIY Pendant Lights

You probably recognise this beautiful lamp shade from my previous post , well I fell in love with it, had no idea where it was from an...

DIY Koushi lamp step-by-step instructions- wonderful project for our cotton voile, bleached harem cloth or cotton gauze!


esos locos bajitos

DIY wall lamp See You Later Alligator Painting dinosaur stuffed animal DIY Baby shoes.

How about taking a look at the lampshades in your rooms?  Sometimes, the lamp speaks for itself and the lampshade is just along for the ride.  Other times, a $20 basic lamp is more than passable - what gives it away as generic is the lampshade.  For more, please read decorbook.com  photo credit : melimeloart/flickr.com

bird's nest lamp Looks like one, kinda. I think that is grapevines loosely wrapped, probably using an old lampshade top piece to anchor the whole piece. ITS TWIGISH - for outdoor lamp

Bodenlampe aus ganzem Holzstamm #DIY #Holz

How to Make a Spectacular Floor Lamp with Logs

How to make a lamp with a wood log? You may have wood logs available around you, or maybe a wood part too big to put in a fireplace… Make this amazing wood floor lamp as indoor or outdoor lighting! This great tutorial will help you in all stages, however

The Cozy Old "Farmhouse": Cutest {Junkiest} Vintage Cabin...Ever!  cool junkie idea for lights!!!

Back porch lights! The Cozy Old "Farmhouse": Cutest {Junkiest} Vintage Cabin. A trash can lid and a mason jar . on a porch that would be perfect

Hanging Wire Lampshade Tutorial vintagerevivals.com

Rock What Ya Got: Upcycled Copper Wire Pendant Lights (from ugly lampshades!)

Do you have any ugly lampshades lying around? If so, this wire pendant light tutorial is perfect. Upcycle old lampshades into trendy wire pendant lights!