“The Badger taking a break at 1985 Tour de France… ”

MISTAKES TO AVOID WHEN FIXING A BIKE: Bike maintenance can seem tricky, but if you avoid these mistakes your whole riding experience could be changed. Plus, its one less visit to the bike mechanic... #cycling #bike #bicycle

It's easy to be unaware of the bike maintenance you may be doing all wrong, but get these right and your whole riding experience could be changed. Plus, its one less visit to the bike mechanic. What' your best bike maintenance tips or tricks?

Just in: Cannondale Synapse Ultegra Disc | road.cc

cc Bike of the Year Synapse Carbon Ultegra. 10 best bikes we've tested in the past year to reveal the road.cc Bike of the Year -- you can disregard the Specialized as inferior.

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- cute vintage set of of wheels - cute front basket, ready for a picnic!

Lets begin ❤️ #heavyglare https://shop.heavyglare.com/activities/cycling-sunglasses/

Why you should take the bike more often Miles are my Meditiation. Another original hand drawn graphic from the creative team at Cycology.

fUCI road bike concept by Specialized Creative Director Robert Egger

An earlier version of Specialized Creative Director Robert Egger’s “Eff You See Eye” concept bike was mentioned on Bicycle Design a couple months ago (in.

everywhere you see bikes here :-))

Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live. ~Mark Twain This red bike art is located at the corner of Hawthorne and Ravenspur in Rolling Hills, CA I think it looks particularly interesting with the light of the setting sun.

Generation XXS: Simon Minivelo 2014

Generation XXS: Simon Minivelo 2014

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Sada Bike - Gianluca Sada - The first hubless bike which can fold up to the size of an umbrella / La prima Bici che può chiudersi fino alla grandezza di un ombrello