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you would rather spend your nights watching greys anatomy than hang out with friends.

I have actually passed tests because of what I learned on GA

Group of: I need to go to a meeting for GAAA members: Grey& .

Grey's Anatomy Problems

I also notice how young the cast looks when watching older seasons.

Grey's Anatomy Problems

Grey's Anatomy Problems

Grey's Anatomy Problems : Photo

Grey's Anatomy: Pictures, Facts and More added 122 new photos to the album: GA Problems.

Grey's Anatomy Problems

when giving advice to your friends, you realize that you sound like a meredith grey monologue

I've got Greys Anatomy Problems....

I've got Greys Anatomy Problems.would love a PREQUEL mini series!

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I saw this episode with my wife today and she had asked me why I didn't have"Bitch Baby Tears" when we found out we were expecting haha!

For real... Let's see.... Mark... it just hurt me when mark died... and george.... and lexi, but mostly mark.

Denny, George, Lexi, Mark and now Derek 😢

Grey's Anatomy Problems @Kelly Teske Goldsworthy frazier Miller Padias @Danielle Lampert Lampert Ranville Stoltz

I literally stopped watching for like a month after George died

Greys anatomy

Grey's Anatomy problems are scared to death that during the Grey's Anatomy series finale, it will be revealed that the whole show was a delusion from Meredith's Alzheimer's. Why do I have the feeling that is exactly like something Shonda would do?

Grey& Anatomy Problems I need a board just for these!

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Grey's Anatomy Problems - or it reminds me Lexie is dead. And chasing cars reminds me that not only did Denny die but they mother f'ing killed off Derek. Thanks Shonda rimes!

Grey's Anatomy Problems: Photo

Grey's Anatomy Problems: Photo

Grey's Anatomy Problems  Like George...and Mark....and Lexie :(

Grey's Anatomy Problems Like .and Lexie :(

Grey's Anatomy Problems. I just miss izzie and cristina

I've got Greys Anatomy