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I don’t know why I pretend like this blog is about anything other than Sherlolly 98% of the time. (please open in new tab for HQ) (please don’t let me find this on instragram) (please)

Sherlolly: A Study in Domesticity. I've never shipped them before, as I love love love Johnlock, but this is so cute!

Calling all Sherlollys! ~OH, MY GOD. I REMEMBER THIS SONG! WHAT! Lol, old Miley Cyrus.

Calling all Sherlollys! --- if we were a movie. Hannah Montana (my childhood) and Sherlock!

Sherlock & Molly | What is She? - YouTube

So this is the final edition of Who is She. Something deep to explain what Molly represents regarding Sherlock's growth as a decent human being. In short what…

amanda abbington ‏@CHIMPSINSOCKS  Jan 26   So this made me really smile today. A smattering of applause is due. *smattering of applause*

amanda abbington on

Here& the Sherlock-Scooby Doo crossover fanart Amanda mentioned during the Apple Store interview. She said she wanted a print to hang on her wall. Props, olly-jc& nice when fanart gets GOOD press

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Sherlock 30 Day Challenge — Day 24 — Most underrated line [This fandom gets a LOT of mileage out of "You do count" & "You." But for some reason I don't see much of the conversation that occurs between(Whats Your Favorite Questions)

:O Steampunk Sherlolly?! OH YES. I NEED THIS!!!!! Pin to steampunk or Sherlock?!?!?!?

:O Steampunk Sherlolly?This is so well done!

Really?? hahaha

More combined prompts: Sherlock and Molly are undercover on a case and he decides to propose.maybe with watson instead!

Lexie sometimes draws

“Molly raised her brows and she couldn’t help but crack a smile. And you believe that I am the one in need of coaching in this area?” “Obviously,” he answered instantly. “You’ve never experienced such a relationship yourself, so naturally.

Sherlolly - With A Little More Help From My Friends.  artbylexie.tumblr.com  |  Hahahaha I feel like this is totally what would happen :D

If all Sherlolly was in Disney style, I'd ship it. Why is Sherlock wearing pink socks? Disneylock - Sherlolly and Warstan-sm by lexieken

Sherlock and Molly - Sherlock//I don't ship them, But I love this art!

thescienceofobsession: artbylexie: 30 Day OTP Challenge OTP: Sherlock x Molly Day Twenty Nine: Doing something sweet “Black, two sugars.” “Thank you, Doctor Holmes.


Sherlock and Molly. I don't think this would be a healthy relationship, but I adore Disney sherlolly drawings