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Philippa Rice shows what every day true love is like in her illustrations now compiled in a book called Soppy.

15 imagenes que muestran el verdadero amor 14

15 heart-warming illustrations of true love in all its beauty and joy

24 ilustrações mostram que o amor está nas pequenas coisas. Eu me identifiquei…

24 ilustrações mostram que o amor está nas pequenas coisas. Eu me identifiquei com várias, e você?

24 Heartwarming Illustrations That Show How Love Is In The Little Things We Do Every Day

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24 imagenes describen cada momento en una relación de pareja

'Building IKEA furniture is like playing with LEGO when it’s just the two of you.' Illustration by Philippa Rice

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Soppy on Miss Moss · i think that many of us can relate to Soppy, a set of illustrations by Philippa Rice about the everyday minutiae within a relationship…

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In her comic book ‘Soppy’, UK-based artist Philippa Rice shows us that love isn’t just found in lavish gifts and grand gestures, but also in the everyday a

Soppy the book by Philippa Rice is available in the US for purchase! Check out the post for more info.

cardboardlife: Soppy is out today in North America! Order your.

Soppy Feet by Philippa Rice

Panel from Soppy, a book by Philippa Rice — one of my favorite graphic novels!