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fangirl problems kpop - Buscar con Google

done that sounds like us tring to dance gentleman Wäfler Hernandez

Then it's official, it's actually more comforting then English a lot of time haha

I feel completely at "home" with the Korean language flowing into my ears

that's a correct statement!

I'm not full Korean. I'm half Korean though

my friend told me that V is cute and i reacted just like this xD

Desire I needed these types of bunk beds when I would have been a child.

All the time allll the time

More like mumble the parts you don't know, silence on the rap parts, and screaming all the English parts at the top of your lungs.

This happens at the bakery on a daily basis!!

This happens to me on a daily basis! but it's everytime I watch anything from my favorite group

Ji Hoo Sunbae........... Boys Over Flowers

K-Drama humor. and yes, I would so appreciate him more than she would. Current drama is My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: No Min Wo

because not everyone is as cool as we are ;) Unfortunately, I have yet to meet another fan.

This totally just happened in my college Public Speaking class the other day when I did a persuasive speech about, "Why you should watch KDrama".

The world would be a different place.. xD lmao

The world would be a different place.. xD lmao

if everyone introduced themselves the way kpop idols do, the world would be a better place. Ahahahahahaha way too funny

G-Dragon dyes his hair more than I watch kpop...is that a problem? or should I just entirely envelope my self into the world of kpop?

When a lot of K-pop artist start to dye their hair I get scared because I can only handle so much feels cx

Look at the hashtag at the bottom... When I was shown K-Pop... Yeah... My friend did not take this precaution... She went right to SHINee...

Dat hashtag tho/ how my friends trapped me into KPop: SHINee and EXO bomb

I'm dying  imagine sitting on BamBam's skinny ass legs  oh baby I still love you ❤️

I'm dying imagine sitting on BamBam's skinny ass legs oh baby I still love you ❤️ <- That's why my bias is Jackson. No problem sitting on those legs/thighs xD

"Who is your favourite celebrity?" *Debates between two or more kpop group members*

My teacher today asked me who my favourite celebrity Wes (she was talking about American one's) and I blurted out "Boo Seungkwan" before thinking and then I hid under my hood for the rest of class. I've been exposed as a kpop per.