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((Closed RP)) "Wow, is that you Vic?" He smiled as she walked into the large hall, admiring how beautiful she was. He tried to act like his funny and confident self but it didn't come off well as he rambled about how nice she looked.

Sebastian: adorable, gay, mean (but totally loveable at the same time) Warbler

Grant Gustin waiting for his Flash Fitting

Omg Grant Gustin is really close to looking like Kakashi (from naruto) right now he should really cosplay as him// he Looks so adorable awwww

Grant Gustin. Super hot

Glee - Warbler Stud (Sebastian/Grant Gustin) Congrats Grant on your Season 4 regular status, entitling you to a thread :) - Fan Forum

Sebastian Smythe

Sebastian Smythe

Snowbarry, Fastest Man, Marvel Universe, Grant Gustin, Beautiful Guys, Young Justice, Introvert, Supergirl, Glee

Grant Gustin

Grant gusting the hottest man alive. Barry Allen the fastest man alive.

Aww The Flash - Grant Gustin as Berry Allen #Grant Gustin #Barry Allen

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