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Wonderful kitschy photo of tourist Eiffel tower statuettes in Paris by Sydney Hirsch

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LÁMINAS ANTIGUAS 3-Ideas y Trabajos terminados

VintageArte - 1889 Paris Universal Exposition Fair Poster : Posters and Framed Art Prints Available

Eiffel tower, Paris, France

Paris is a really beautiful place and I'm so thankful I've seen it with my own eyes. Visiting Paris has always been at the top of list on places to go because of its cultural background, fashion and visionary scenes.

I Love Paris, Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Paris Eiffel Tower ~Paris In love ~ with hearts. Aerobatics around the Tour Eiffel.


I love red umbrellas by La Tour Eiffel. Why don't I mind when it rains in Paris? Rain is snuggle time under a comfy duvet. Maybe it has nothing to do with umbrellas.

Beautiful, enchanting... Someday...

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Photo­grapher Bertrand Kulik shot a spectacular photo of lightning striking behind the Eiffel Tower in Paris in July 2008 via Daily Mail photo by Betrand Kulik/Caters News Agency


The red umbrellas pop against the blacks and greys in this picture of the Eiffel Tower.

How the Paris World's Fair brought Art Nouveau to the Masses in 1900

How the Paris World's Fair brought Art Nouveau to the Masses in 1900

Paris Exposition: Eiffel Tower and Celestial Globe, Paris, France, 1900 by Brooklyn Museum.