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Reabilitacion fresco iglesia Zaragoza

Reabilitacion fresco iglesia Zaragoza

Fossilised fresh water mussels

Shell has 'earliest human engraving'

Zig-zag patterns on a fossilised shell in Indonesia may be the earliest known engravings by a human ancestor, scientists say.

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How Our Stone Age Bodies Struggle To Stay Healthy In Modern Times. If you got sick, you probably wouldn't go to an evolutionary biologist to get treated. But Daniel Lieberman, professor of evolutionary biology at Harvard University, says that his field can help you understand why you got sick, and make you more aware of healthy and harmful behaviors.

How Our Stone Age Bodies Struggle To Stay Healthy In Modern Times

The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health, and Disease by Daniel e. Lieberman -- Daniel Lieberman is the man!

Computer reconstruction of Skull 5 and other four Dmanisi skulls; background - Dmanisi landscape. Image credit: Marcia Ponce de León / Christoph Zollikofer / University of Zurich.

This is a computer reconstruction of the five Dmanisi skulls (background: Dmanisi landscape). Credit: Picture: Marcia Ponce de León and Christoph Zollikofer, University of Zurich, Switzerland

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