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Saw this with white pipe wrap and bare forks so painted it black to see what it’d look like.

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The custom motorcycle scene can be a competitive game, for all the comradery and sense of community that makes the industry such a wonderful thing to be part of, businesses still have to make a qui…

Yamaha XJ 650

The is a rare model when it comes to custom building, but the guys at Dream Wheels Heritage have done a wonderful job on this sleek scrambler.

Dziel z kimś swoją pasję^^

Looks like a nice motorcycle ride you two are going on. Marlene McKinnon and Sirius Black after getting a little sidetracked before going for a ride on Sirius’ new motorbike.

Kent Halvardsson 1982 Honda CX 500E scrambler front/side

Anyone attempted to do the High exhaust usually seen on scrambler type bikes for the CX? Something like the old Honda Any direction to point me