An aspect of ikebana is its employment of minimalism. That is, an arrangement may consist of only a minimal number of blooms interspersed among stalks and leaves. The structure of a Japanese flower arrangement is based on a scalene triangle delineated by three main points, usually twigs, considered in some schools to symbolize heaven, earth, and man and in others sun, moon, and earth. The container is a key element of the composition, and various styles of pottery may be used.

Shoka style which is simple, graceful style suggesting the essential character of a plant as it grows in response to the factors in its natural environment.

Moribana | Ligia Miranda | Flickr

Moribana upright style is considered as the most basic structure in ikebana. Moribana literally means “piled-up flowers” that are arranged in a shallow vase or suiban, compote, or basket. Moribana is secured on kenzan or needlepoint holders, al

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Cherry Blossom Week: Ikebana Origami