Vivian Maier: Chicago 1960

Vivian Maier's pioneering street-style photography - in pictures

Vivian Maier: Out of the Shadows - CityFiles Press. A Vivian Maier book by Richard Cahan and Michael Williams, based on the Jeffrey Goldstein Collection.

Vivian Maier: Photographer

The Vivian Maier story has taken another ironic turn as Jeffrey Goldstein (who once owned the second largest collection of Vivian Maier negatives) has file

Vivian Maier - Her Discovered Work

Vivian Maier, Self Portrait I have some information to share about Vivian Maier. I met with two of the people Vivian was a nanny for in the.

Accidental Mysteries, 08.05.12: Vivian Maier

Accidental Mysteries, 08.05.12: Vivian Maier

In the discovery of an unknown street photographer named Vivian Maier changed the world of art photography forever.

1954, New York, NY

L'une des plus importantes photographes du milieu du 20e siècle

1954, New York, NY

Vivian Maier. 'May 16, 1957. Chicago, IL'

Vivian Maier: Sans titre,Chicago, 16 Maggio 1957 © Vivian Maier Maloof Collection, Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York

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A girl with sixties-style glasses and apprehensive face carrying a big paper bag with writing, looking straight at the camera. See a Stunning New Set of Vivian Maier Photos from Eye to Eye

Vivian Maier

Photos from one of America's greatest unknown street photographers. —Photographs by Vivian Maier/John Maloof Collection. Text by Alex Kotlowitz

Street 1: Gallery of photos taken by the photographer Vivian Maier. One of multiple galleries on the official Vivian Maier website.

Vivian Maier, Kirk Douglas at the premiere of the movie Spartacus, Chicago, October 1960