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Arctiid Moth (Cyana coccinea, Lithosiini, Arctiinae) by itchydogimages, via Flickr

Arctiid Moth (Cyana coccinea, Lithosiini, Arctiinae) by itchydogimages, Looks like a mask!

Tiger moth, Amaxia pulchra

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The Lappet, Gastropacha quercifolia, is a moth of the family Lasiocampidae. Found in Europe, and Northern and Eastern Asia, the wingspan is 50–90 mm

This Russian moth (type?) is perfectly camouflaged and would be hard to spot on a tree or bush.

Madagascan Giant Swallowtail Pharmacophagus / Papilio antenor

Framed Madagascan Giant Swallowtail Butterfly - Riker Mount x Real Preserved Butterfly Cleared with U. Fish & Wildlife Call Butterfly Utopia at Butterfly Utopia has been expertly framing butterflies since


Pantheroides pardalis (family Geometridae) - moth from South America - photo Sergio Moscato

Giant Leopard Moth (Hypercompe Scribonia). Saw one of these the other night, so beautiful and it was quite a good size compared to other moths here.

Types of Bugs with Pictures and Names (How to Prevent Bugs In House

I was thrilled to see one of these in the wild. It was on a mossy boulder in the woods-I almost put my hand on it as I walked along with little Dave.