Clock Tower in Old Town Bern, Switzerland Copyright: Terez Anon

This photo from Bern, West is titled 'Zeitglockenturm'.

Bern , Switzerland  – Travel Pedia

Bern , Switzerland - Travel Pedia

Bern, Switzerland (famous Clock in Bern) This is where the Swiss side of the family came from.  The other side is Irish, how lucky can I get.

Bern, Switzerland (famous clock tower in Bern). I love Bern!

Bern Switzerland.  This is a lovely tranquil city built on cliffs.  There is a…

This is a lovely, tranquil city built on cliffs. There is a beautiful park in the middle of the city that sits right on the stone ramparts. Views from the park are splendid. In this shady park are wonderful permanent stone chessboa

Zytglogge Clock, Bern, Switzerland

This clock played a vital role in Einstein's conception of relativity: Zytglogge Clock, Bern, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland, where almost all of my Swiss ancestors are from.

Bern, Switzerland the place where i plan to settle for a period.