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Sebastian Stan

lots of pictures of Sebastian Stan. Sebastian Stan is a Romanian-American actor, known for his role as James Buchanan

And here we have a prime example of sebastian going from chill to cupcake in a matter of seconds

"And here we have a prime example of Sebastian going from chill to cupcake in a matter of seconds :))))))" <---Perfect description

Back in 2011 at the premiere of CA:FA. "So how's your new stylist? Is she better than the old ones you had?" "Jinx." He muttered and smiled. "Yeah....so how is she? She plays Dynamite Ball you know." "Stop trying to set me up." "We're not trying to-" "I know she likes me. I'm not saying whether I like her or not." And he just walked away! When we tried to get him to say if he liked her, he automatically knew and walked away.

" The reporter had no idea what that smile meant. She was stupid, naive, blind. That smile said more than any words ever could about how he felt when she was mentioned.

#wattpad #losowo Okładka została wykonana przez  LittleCookie_ i Domii09.  Zapraszam na zbiór gifów z aktorami Marvela. To Ty jesteś główną bohaterką. Będą tu imaginy z takimi aktorami jak: - Sebastian Stan - Chris Hemsworth - Tom Hiddleston - Chris Evans - Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Jeremy Renner - Robert Downey Jr. ...

❣Imagify z aktorami MARVELA❣ - Sebastian Stan część 1

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