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Pusheenicorn! (I wish my cats pooped magical rainbows). Pusheen.com

(I wish my cats pooped magical rainbows, after eating the magical unicorn sparkle cake).

This is soooo true!

Funny pictures about Why you should consider being a cat. Oh, and cool pics about Why you should consider being a cat. Also, Why you should consider being a cat photos.


If you wonder what things Pusheen loves, this adorable and funny picture is exactly what you're searching for.

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I'm literally obsessed with Pusheen!😍😍 I mean srsly to be honest if u don't like Pusheen then u need to get ur life together!


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If you know mW this is the best picture made in mandkind. Only one picture can beat this......

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What's better than pusheen and Pokemon? A combination of pusheen and pokemon.

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the petting chart / a guide to petting cats / so true and funny


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