Habitats in Spanish - Biomas del mundo / hábitats de los animales

Habitats in Spanish - Biomas del mundo / hábitats de los animales

Animal Habitats, Picture Cards, Vocabulary Cards, Graphic Organizers, Dominican Republic, El Animal, Spanish, Kindergarten, Biomes

Scientific Method - Método Científico Bilingual Pack **Posters and foldables

Animal and Habitat Match Free Printables

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. free animal-habitat-match printable for Pre-K and K, 4 habitats and 16 animals

Free posters for commonly used Spanish classroom expressions. With color and fun images. This will help me in my classroom to promote basic communication with the Spanish language.

Chicken Life cycle {Craft and Printables in English and Spanish}

I hope you and your students love these fun English and Spanish activities! What's included?*Chicken craft (picture and patterns) *Chicken vocabulary cards (egg, embryo, hatching, chick, adult, nest) *If I were a chicken (half-page writing prompt) *If I had a pet chicken (half-page writing prompt) *All about chickens (writing prompt) *Chicken body parts (writing prompt) *If I were oviparous (writing prompt)

Teacher or student writing "habla espanol" on blackboard during spanish language course class. by Maridav, via Shutterstock

Spanish Present Tense (AR Verbs)

Spanish AR Verbs Present Tense: Includes 6 Worksheets and 24 Conversation Cards with directions for a Guided Pair Practice and a Mingle Activity

Interactive Activities - Needs and Wants

This has a variety of resources for your needs and wants unit or lessons. It includes vocabulary cards, individual and group sorting activities, graphic organizers, coloring sheet, word builder, drawing sheet and more! I designed these needs and wants sorting activities to help boost academic vocabulary while learning and reviewing the concept.

Spanish Day of the Dead / Dia de los Muertos Fallen Phrases Homework

Spanish Day of the Dead / Dia de los Muertos Fallen Phrases Worksheet by Sue Summers - gustar, encantar

Educational infographic & data visualisation This is what typical homes from around the world really look like. Infographic Description This is what typi

The Solar System (El Sistema Solar) - Spanish Posters

This solar system poster pack has 33 illustrations of planets, phases of the moon and the solar system in spanish. Use them in your bilingual / dual language classroom or science content wall. Display these illustrative signs to teach/ or remind your students of the planets or solar system.

Welcome to Animal Habitats! Let your kids discover the wonderful animal world and find out the most amazing facts about them. Glowing masses of krill can be .

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