Slow It Down - The Lumineers. One of my favorite song lyrics of all time.

Lukas thinking of how Phillip looks at him everyday

Ik this feeling it was an odd one first off but now its set in and sunkin in to me that he was tryin to tell me something without usin his words aloud.

Benji- Fuck all that God and praying shit. But the rest, that is me. Don't think I have found anyone that really appreciates all that though.

Marry the guy who is your best friend. Marry the guy the loves God above anything else. For my beautiful one and only!

I agree with the first two, but not with the third. I want to be with someone who is secure in our relationship. I'm not scared of losing you and don't think you're scared of losing me because we trust each other and our love for each other.

That One Rule: Be with someone who can't stay mad at you, who can't stand not talking to you, who is scared to lose you

So true

Dear, Hayes Grier Jack Gilinsky Taylor Caniff Aaron Carpenter Nash Grier Shawn Mendes Matthew Espinosa Carter Reynolds Jack Johnson Cameron Dallas Justin Bieber, I love you.