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Volleyball is my life <3

Volleyball is my life It took FOREVER but I got it over the net!

I hit myself in the face trying to get my overhand serve. Still cant seem to get it. Every time its either a bad toss or not enough power...

You know you're a volleyball player when. You know you're a soccer player when you've had at least 10 hit you on the face!

You know you're a volleyball player when you really hope to improve your vertical

You know you're a volleyball player when. Then you really do because you work hard

umm I need this as a poster/ volleyball humor

Volleyball is life - Volleyball Love - Volleyball Quotes I need to remember this.ill put my shoes on THEN ill realize that i hadnt put on my kneepads

So true

When someone says volleyball is a whole lot easier than soccer it's like a yo hold my earrings' moment. I get super defensive, hehe