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vicc joss

i want a baby pig. i want a baby pig. i want a baby pig. i want a baby pig, i want a baby pig.

I want the tiny furry pig SO BAD!

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. WHERE IS THIS PIG!

Look at all these baby animals...

Look at all these baby animals...

I cannot Deal

This is why I have always wanted a pet pig and don't eat bacon.



awww i want one

Here you go sweetie, Teacup Piglets I hear they're smarter than dogs, super clean, and all the rage in Europe. They're just so cute!

Baby Sloth By Ljudmila Donodina - I am very glad to introduce to you Baby Sloth. • He is 13 sm in sitten position. He can't stand • made from synthetics fax fur• hand sculpted epoxy clay nose, claws • glass eyes • armature in the arms and legs • filled with polyester and metal granulate �...

30 Happiest Facts Ever

Baby Sloth By Ljudmila Donodina - Bear Pile <- even stuffed animal sloths are tok cute for words!

We are born with such innocence that only fades as we grow to see the hardships of the world.

baby animal cuteness…

Ignore the fact that the baby Platypus is actually a baby penguin and the baby Beaver is something other than a baby Beaver.


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My one fully grown miniature pig is quite big, but I will get another asap. Fabulous, clever and funny pets.

"Teacup Pigs" on the rise

For owners of teacup pigs. Check out these cute little piggies. A teacup pig is the same as a micro-mini pig or potbellied pig. Teacup pigs grow to about the size of a small spaniel around 65 pounds and inches long.