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Experts reveal their ultimate travel photography tips

Whether using an SLR or your trusty smartphone, Fairmont Hotels have gone to the source - the travel photographers themselves - to compile a list of must-try holiday photography hacks. ** Be sure to check out this helpful article.

These are the invisible cameras of the future

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macro photography can be one of the more challenging types of photography to succeed at. Here’s some basic techniques and the tools required to get started. The best part is, you don’t even have to buy an expensive macro lens to take great macro shots.

Visual Guide for the Nikon which illustrates and answers many of the questions you may have wondered about this lens. Handcrafted specifically for beginners!

What I Wish I Knew the First Time I Picked Up My DSLR

What I Wish I Knew the First Time I Picked Up My DSLR at

Amateur Professional: a Beginner's Guide to Great Photography

Landscape photographers face all sorts of challenges, and in our latest photography cheat sheet we explain how to shoot at the coast, in woodlands, mountain tops and rural areas.