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Gene Parmesan! Ahh! You got me again!

Gene Parmesan, P.I from Arrested Development. He surely can fool your eyes!

Arrested Development- One of the best shows ever.

Arrested Development - Fucking love this show and I swear Gene Parmesan has superpowers!

arrested development, television, comedy, 2000s, david cross, alia shawkat

arrested development, television, comedy, david cross, alia shawkat<<I saw tobias and thought divergent and then I was confused and realized that this is a comedy show.

the life and times of Liz Lemon's hair..."my new haircut, which everyone thought was a Dorothy Hamill, but was actually a Pete Rose"

Exclusive Infographic: The Life and Times of Liz Lemon’s Hair

Flavorwire made this awesome infographic on the life and times of Liz Lemon's hair. Man, Liz Lemon has had some bad, bad hair days.

Arrested Development  oh Lucille... how i love you!

28 Ways To Live Life Like Lucille Bluth