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Parrot cage    Artist: Jan Steen

"The Parrot Cage" -- 1665 -- Jan Steen -- Dutch -- Oil on panel -- Rijksmuseum -- Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Ян Стен. Клетка с попугаем

Parrot Cage Jan Steen, c. Jan Havickszoon Steen (c. 1626 – buried 3 February was a Dutch genre painter of the century (also known as the Dutch Golden Age). Psychological insight, sense of humour and abundance of colour are marks of his trade.

https://flic.kr/p/o4R4cZ | A Peasant Family at Meal-time ('Grace before Meat') | c. 1665. Oil on canvas. 44,8 x 37,5 cm. National Gallery, London. 2558.

I keep seeing what looks like a kirtle over a yellow thing. I wonder if it might be one of those knitted waistcoats. We know they existed. A Peasant Family At Meal-Time (Grace Before Meal) 1665 National Gallery in London Jan Steen

The Athenaeum - The Family Concert (Jan Steen - )

The Family Concert Jan Steen 1666 Symbols of the dangers of excess. Calvinist reminder Vs Steen's profession of publican.

Jan Steen (Dutch artist, 1626-1679) Celebrating on a Garden Terrace

1670 Jan Steen (Dutch artist, Merry Company on a Garden Terrace These gatherings seem to be taking place on the little garde.

Jan Steen - Twelfth Night

Jan Steen, Twelfth Night c. x cm Oil on panel His Grace the Duke of Bedford and the Trustees of the Bedford Estates

Artiste: Gabriel Metsu (1629–1667),   English: The Cook, Français : La Cuisinière, Date: 1657-1667

Gabriel Metsu (Dutch Baroque Era Painter, The Cook 1657 ~ It's About Time: Preparing the Harvest - Food & Cooking in Europe

Portrait de l'épouse du boulanger, par Jan Miense Molenaer

Jan Miense Molenaer, The Baker's Wife , x 12 cm Oil on wood Staatliches Museum, Schwerin

Jan Steen Doctor's Visit, 1663-1665

Jan Steen, Dutch (active Leiden, Haarlem, and The Hague), -- The Doctor’s Visit

Sebastiaen Vrancx (Flemish - 1573-1647) Antwerp. View of a flower & vegetable market in the foreground (detail). "Earth," from "The Four Elements."

View of a flower vegetable market in the foreground (detail). "Earth," from "The Four Elements.