Stride secretive but strong male and if you get in his way he will kill you is feared by most of his pack accept is mate flow

Putting this in my werewolf board because of their long, unwolfish ears, and their necklace.

Shadow, male, no mates or pups. He controls shadows, as you can probably guess, but once he starts controlling them, they can turn solid. He is a defensive wolf that keeps to himself, mostly because he was abused as a pup and is afraid everyone is out to get him.

custom Feonix for based on the blue jay and Van Gogh's Starry Night everyone likes blue  

Wolves (Son of Shadows by on @DeviantArt)

(Name: Rogue or Shix) (Gender: Female) (Age: (Role: unknown) (Bio: Extremely aggressive, and has very little patients, is an incredible Fighter, but will become full of adrenaline and not hesitate to kill) (owner:

Take away the feathers and the background and I'd so get this as a tattoo

Atrium napping PS and Sai art and character © Tatchit

He flies in the night, when the darkness has landed on the earth. You may have seen him but thought of him as a star, falling on the sky and disappearing seconds later. He is a catcher of dreams and a maker of them too, he is the reason for them. If you have a nightmare and are on his good side, he will take it away and bring you a sweeter one. If you use the dreams for bad or insult them, distrust, then you will bring him anger.

This magical fox is fucking fabulous and it knows it! Pandora by Snow-Body (Demons Wolf - Ji Hyuk)

Starry by on @deviantART

Fun commission for of their absolutely beautiful character. Purple is no longer my least favorite color, I am now very fond of it! Character belongs to ~Mulilly Art by Kellie Lamphere (KLamphere - .