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'Love My Prince' by goldenrod1034 on deviantART

Little fangirl is gaining his trust so easily. Love my Prince

'Nuada' by Qetzalkoatl on deviantART

one of the many faces of prince nuada silverlance do not judge strictly please ) nuada

This Russian guy is so pretty. I heard that the model is really reserved and there is so little information you can find about him. Such a shame though, he...

hatteeho: “ I don’t know who is it but just look at him he’s fucking Manwe fucking Manwe in the flesh ”

Silverlance by LeafOfSteel on deviantART

Another fanart. Prince Nuada Silverlance from Hellboy 2 The Golden Army.

'A New Life Begins' by k-e-i-s-i-n-g-e-r on deviantART

Elven twins Nuada and Nuala from the movie "Hellboy II: The Golden Army". The scene of the picture belongs to the ancient and peaceful times when elves . A New Life Begins