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Art history meets contemporary life with the work of artist Alexey Kandakov.  The figures of museums suddenly feel real in modern day settings.

Art history meets contemporary life with the work of artist Alexey Kandakov. The figures of museums suddenly feel real in modern day settings.

cuando-los-dioses-del-arte-clasico-se-trasladan-al-siglo-xxi.jpg (1338×1133)

Virgin Madonna on the F Train: the Art Historical photoshopped mash-ups of Alexey Kondakov - Cube Breaker

L’éveil du cœur (Bouguereau) by Alexey Kondakov [The Daily Life of Gods]

The Daily Life of Gods

wetheurban: CLASSIC PAINTINGS x MODERN CITYSCAPES Alexey Kondakov, an Ukrainian artistic director, has integrated elements from master paintings into his contemporary photographs of Kiev. The result is oddly alluring and somewhat surreal.

Dans sa série en cours « Art History in Contemporary Life », Alexey Kondakov aime mélanger des personnages de peinture classique dans des situations de la vie quotidienne. Les personnages se fondent parfaitement par leur attitude dans des décors modernes de Naples. On peut voir plus d’exemples de son travail sur son Instagram et sa page Facebook.

Des éléments de peinture classiques insérés dans la vie courante

Napoli Project: Alexey Kondakov Blurs Lines Between Classical Paintings and Real Life

'Inspiration  by @sunshine0o11 #inspiration #teachersmusic'

'Inspiration by @sunshine0o11 #inspiration #teachersmusic'

Alexey Kondakov pinturas clasicas digitales 5

Alexey Kondakov Napoli Project contemporary photography classical painting - Classical Paintings Seamlessly Interact With Modern-Day Italy

classical art figures in contemporary urban settings - these are just... wow

Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov photoshops characters from mythology and antiquity into ordinary scenes of modern Kiev

Collages by Paste In Place Studio — Designcollector

Collages by Paste In Place Studio

Rodrigo Pinheiro founder of Paste In Place studio is a talented art director pushing the boundaries of fashion campaigns they deliver for customers. Beside this, "Paste in Place" practice a collage art techniques that some of them went viral last days

Alexey Kondakov

As a union of history and modernity, ukranian artist Alexey Kondakov juxtaposes figures from the history of art with contemporary landscapes and scenes. The ongoing series 'the daily life of gods' sees classical paintings brought to.

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De Braziliaanse product designer Rodrigo Pinheiro, alias Paste in Place, wekt iconische figuren uit de kunsthistorie tot leven in moderne, urban settings. Venus-chillout

Venus Chillout - Paste in Place - Affiche sous cadre standard

“I'm afraid that if you look at a thing long enough, it loses all of its meaning.”  ― Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol with ”Self Portrait” mounted on homemade sandwich board on fire escape at the Factory.