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ThinkGeek :: Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Zombies like opening people's sculls and eating their brain out. But what happens when you open a zombie's head? If it's a zombie head cookie jar like this one, you would find cookies inside.

ThinkGeek :: Ceramic Zombie Mug

ThinkGeek :: Ceramic Zombie Mug Green for Steve, grey for me! Matching his-and-hers with some K Cups- medium and dark roast, flavored coffee is fine but no mint or fruit flavors.

Zombie Survival Kit Lunch Box

The Zombie Survival Kit Lunch Box is a metal lunch box ready to hold in all of your zombie fighting fuel. Pack it with Twinkies, Tactical Bacon, caffeinated gum, and energy drinks, everything you'll need to stay alive.

This hand-sculpted brain candle is suspended in gel wax, so it looks just like a laboratory specimen. Pop off the lid, light it up, and your mad science laboratory or evil wizard lair will be ablaze with neurotic brilliance.

Brain Candle Why be normal, Abby? Have a brain candle! Hand-sculpted brain candle suspended in gel wax Scent: Unscented (what do brains smell like anyway?

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What Halloween meal would be complete without these zombie silhouette plates? could do these with permanant marker-bake

Zombie prep

Everything you need for the Zombie apocalypse

Everything you need for the Zombie Apocalypse. This is super random, but, hey, I can have a fantasy that the zombie apocalypse is legit, right?

re-designed Scooby Doo - Velma goes zombie hunting  (I'm not a fan of the whole zombie craze, but this is pretty cool!)

Velma goes zombie hunting

Scooby Doo Misery Machine Zombie T-Shirt "We've Got Some Work To Do Now" shows Velma, Scooby, and the van equipped for zombie apocalypse & undead mystery.

Gift Basket/Box for all you Zombie Lovers Out there...will have to do this for friends and family :):

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