La comida espanola - YouTube

Awesome video introducing some traditional and delicious 'Comida Espanola! Great food lesson plan from Teacher Ms Clarke

Plaza Sesamo - "Compartir" Sharing Video in Spanish

Plaza Sesamo - "Compartir" Sharing Video in Spanish

Tengo tengo tengo - cancion Catchy song. Uses for body vocab. Can be used for others?

Tengo y partes del cuerpo. Tengo and body parts.

Teaching Spanish to toddlers & preschoolers in Scotland. Blog includes lesson plan. Each lesson has objectives, methods, and vocabulary.

Excellent resource for teaching Spanish to little ones. Includes lesson plans, links, objectives and vocabulary.

fun Spanish alphabet game (El abecedario)

After introducing the Spanish alphabet (El abecedario), my students and I played an activity with the 'Crocodile Dentist' game. I introduced the game by sayi.

Two fish discuss their daily routines. Reviews the use of Spanish reflexive verbs. - created at

Right way to Take Turns in a Conversation. super corny but a short corny video beats lecturing 'em