Silver hair.

2015 Trend Gray Hairstyle For Spring/Summer - When mentioned this topic, what is the first color word come into your minds?

I would so love silver hair!

Instagram Post by Hair Extensions Color Inspo (@vpfashion)

not necessarily a fan of the silver hair trend.but i think it looks cool here, with the ombre. dark roots and almost green tips Set of 5 - Ombre Colored Hair Chalk - Black and White - Premium Salon Grade - Temporary Color Pastels

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Womens Coloured Leggings

Beautiful woman with long graying hair. Wouldn't it look fantastic worn up? Especially because it is sort of striped.


I am all about good vibes. Work avoiding neighbor wanted to blast techno music into and all over the place.

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I wish I can have this look when I get grey.ANNIKA ᴠᴏɴ HOLDT is who I want to look like when I get that age.