the book thief

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The Book Thief ~

Rudy shows his dedication to Liesel by jumping into the freezing water to retrieve her book thrown in by Viktor.

"He was her best friend and he was a month from his death..."

These words affect my soul that no words ever and will never do. He taught me so much and I could relate to him in many ways.I don't think I've hated an author this much for killing off a character.

The Book Thief! Love this part! If your eyes could speak, what would they say?

In this scene, Max asks Liesel to describe the day outside for him. After a simple explanation fails to sate him, he tells Liesel to "make the words [hers]". Liesel describes the day poetically, and Max is satisfied with her description.

The Book Thief . . . . I cried so hard when I read this part in the book, like seriously.

The Book Thief . It is showing that Liesel really likes Rudy but she is afraid to admit it.