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A single tear rolls down princess Anastasia's cheek before she's whisked away by the devilish vampire king who declared her his wife no matter what she says

(Open RP, be the demon prince?) I am led through the corridor, my hands tied in front of me. One of the creatures yanks me forward and throw me down in front of the throne. "Sire, we caught this young Angel near the castle." I look up, and my blood runs cold. It's the demon prince... I've never seen him in person. He smirks evilly, and I gulp.

Aedion (Cover art for the Hungarian edition of Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion. Cover art by kirasanta.


This painting illustrates "Golden Feather in Bloody Hand", a story written by Elyra-Coacalina with her own OC Elyra and split-heart 's OC Vorago Commission for Thank you!

I always knew Pete Steele was a God.

Hades and Persephone. Interesting perspective from the artist because it makes Persephone appear as though she actually loves Hades. < They actually had a fairly happy relationship compared to the rest of the Greek gods (I'm looking at you, Zeus)

The moment when Hades sees Persephone... when he is struck by her beauty.... This is when he begins to plan her abduction.

uhmmmm since people are asking. these 2 are hades and persephone, just prior to him abducting her. hades and persephone 1

Fantasy art

(Rp I need someone to be the guy) *we might through the rain finally he kicks the gun from my hand pins me to the ground. I glare up at him. I realize how much his eyes shine * No Gun.

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“Persephone caught the eye of Hades, god of the underworld. In one moment she was swallowed up in the ground and taken in Hades’ rush of love, cursed to forever be caught between the land of the.

Cute goth look - Fallen angel costume makeup idea

I absolutely adore the bright red lips and the touch of gold highlight in her eye make-up. Sometimes I wish I had hazel-colored eyes.