This is the photo of my Auntie Chelle. I need to look at it as we are going to be in a parade soon and it will inspire me as what to wear.  I'll make a copy for Auntie...

Kate Harris poses with her horse at the Happy Canyon Show in Oregon. The show celebrates Native American heritage and Old West history.

Hollow Horn Bear ~Tribe: Brule Dakota Born in Sheridan Country, Nebraska, son of Chief Iron Shell, Hollow Horn Bear earned his early fame as a warrior. He fought with the leading chiefs of the Plains against subjugation until the

Photo: A bold image to start your week. "Master of His Land" from my line of fine giclee prints:

Master of His Land is a painting, featuring a crow man on horseback on the Great Plains. James Ayers paints historic Crow and Native American peoples

December 26, 1862 -38 Dakota Warriors were hung in the U.S.A. becoming the largest mass execution still remaining today. The hanging happened in Mankato, Minnesota. Abraham Lincoln signed the papers to have 40 men hung because of the Dakota Uprising. The U.S. did not follow through with their agreement on The Treaty of 1851.

Largest Mass Hanging in US History: 38 Dakota Warriors hung in Mankato, Minnesota- December What a shame. Who was the real savages?

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Lucky Luke is a Franco-Belgian School Western comic created in 1946 by graphic artist Morris, who at first did both art and writing.