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Now I am safe and if someone sends something to me I will say "I have the immunity cat!"

Weekend LMAO – A nonsense tainted picture gallery

Pin this on your most popular board and he will keep you safe! This cat could stop these stupid pins!←← Hmmm most popular board? I don't really have one, I guess :( Still, I need that immunity cat as my protecter - he is sooo cute n creepy!

funny text message can't stick out tongue and look at ceiling

READ THIS FIRST! for some of you who read this before you look at the pin don't do it! for those who did the pin then read, I'm sorry that your an idiot. Im not an idiot.

This is STUPID!! Idk why people insist on doing things like this... it is rude and annoying don't do it anymore!!

If you are doing this the you need to stop because it’s rude and hurtful and you’re putting terrible thoughts in peoples heads.

just for fun

just for fun<<today is sunday and tomorrow is monday eek better pin it

The person who has bullied me for over 4 years is back up and it and has an anti bully board. Hmmmm wondering if she takes these pins and puts them to use on not to bully and harass others. Prob not.

This is so SAD. REPOST to save this girls life! Thank You(: Its just mean if people don't repost this.

Ugh I really hate these but I can’t take the chance ^ Same I know its fake tho <I don’t like these but can’t risk it

You people really believe this crap. It's obviously fake. Just because text on your computer, phone etc, says you or your mom or someone else will die, that doesn't make it true, if you don't repost this NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!