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Aspen Mays, Dissection of a Magic-8 Ball

aspen mays, dissection of a magic 8 ball, 2008

Sanell Aggenbach, 2006

Blues and Greys - Sanell Aggenbach

Free trip around the sun | illustrated quote . . . | Content in a Cottage

Detailed map of the Moon created using 1127392 point measurements, taken with a laser altimeter by the Japanese lunar spacecraft Selene.

Myopia 2, Esther Zitman

Myopia 2, Esther Zitman

Visualize Differently Clock by Eva Rielland

Time Machine Clock by Daniel Duarte. Tells hours and minutes with two layers of rotating bars that create a continually changing optical illusion.

Alien worlds? Nope. These are pictures of frying pans by Christopher Jonassen by Greeneyed Nerd

Alien worlds? These are pictures of frying pans by Christopher Jonassen by Greeneyed Nerd

Charles F. Blunt a pictorial display of the astronomical phenomena of the universe

"The Earth: its Form and Position" from Charles Blunt's 'The Beauty of the Heavens : a Pictorial Display of the Astronomical Phenomena of the Universe', 1842

Astronomicum Caesareum

A page from Astronicum Caesareum, a manual on the use of astronomical devices like the astrolabe. Hand-colored woodcut by Michael Ostendorfer, written by Petrus Apianus, court astronomer to Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

The Nebulae and Clusters of the Southern Heavens Alfred R Wallace, 1903.

"The Nebulae and clusters of the southern heavens" Man's place in the universe; a study of the results of scientific research in relation to the unity or plurality of worlds, by Alfred R. New York, McClure, Phillips & co.