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It seems we won't be seeing any more awkward conversations between Big Bang's G-Dragon and Jo Kwon!

❥ H a i ~ ❥ funny & cute kpop moments ~ ❥ Hope you enjoy!

YES!!! my number one pet peve is when people tell me they love kpop and im like what song is your favorite. when they say Gangnam style im like THAT IS NOT KPOP!!!!

America should look at more kpop groups like Girls generation, Super junior, tvxq, and many more! Plus kpop started getting popularity before psy success in america.Ikr like hit it key SHINee forever

Sunggyu INFINITE #sunggyu #infinite  I shouldn't laugh at this, but he's so cute I can't help it

Sunggyu of Infinite, his small eyes XD Hahah, love this.

Tout est dans le titre, des réactions avec des gifs et des images sur… #aléatoire # Aléatoire # amreading # books # wattpad

Reaction Monsta x

Party time with EXO. Xiumin’s probably thinking, “I spent years in training to be a babysitter for shit like this?” I feel you Xiumin, I feel you

lol kris trying to tell a fan that her board is upside down but in the end he just laugh it off. cute X3

Kris Wu Yifan trying to tell a fan that her board is upside down. In the end he just laugh it off lol

awww he got so shy XD

*Watches friends freak out* Me: Uh. Why are you hugging the computer?

Manly Luhan... Not really...

keke Luhan does not simply act cute in concerts but instead he tends to act sexy and manly~! keke >>and tao even though is trying to act cute looks perfect and sexy XD

mark #nct #nctdream

mark #nct #nctdream