nicolad-bodin-conceptkicks-8.jpg (700×520)

Incase you didn't know who Nicolas Bodin is, here are some of the French designers outstanding creations. What really separates Nicolas' work, apart from his

NB Lux by Dillon Patrick, via Behance

A concept exploring how the idea of 'Luxury' can be applied to the design of a high performance basketball sneaker.

Footwear Designs by Rob Williams

Skimming through some old saved inspiration folders today and came across these sketches and renders from designer Rob Williams.

Footwear Sketches by Duane Marshall, via Behance

Spectrum of sketches that show a good cross section of how I approach footwear ideation.

Nike Sketch Concepts by Cheng Kue at

A footwear design website aimed at displaying the work of highly skilled footwear designers, sharing inspiring content, design news, and much more.

Adidas Contest by Kevin Redon

Back in designer Kevin Redon had the opportunity to enter a design competition for Adidas, this is what he came up with - 'Back in we've been lucky

adidas Leezy on Behance

During his time at adidas, designer Thomas Le was putting in work. These Leezy's are just flat out beautifully designed and are something I can only hope to