The Snow Monkeys of Japan (Japanese Macaques) of Jigokudani Yaenkoen Park, in northern Japan.  It's on my Bucket List

The Snow Monkeys of Jigokudani : Monkeys bathing in a hot spring in Yamanouchi, Nagano, Japan

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monkeys having a spa day at a natural hot spring

I just want to give this little guy a blanket and some warm socks

Japanese Macaque Monkeys Relax In Hot Springs

Monkey - The Macaque troop regularly visits the Jigokudani-Onsen Springs, and are beyond cute luxuriating in the hot springs, putting snow atop their heads to cool down and relax.- Hello There Cutie

Monkey - nice picture

Monkey - nice picture

Japanese macaques, aka snow monkeys, are most famous for the fact that they can spend ages bathing in natural hot springs. But as with humans, the little ones have way too much energy to stay put in one spot for longer than 10 seconds.

snow monkey making snowballs

The Japanese Macaque (Japanese Snow Monkey) are very intelligent. they have even been observed rolling snowballs for fun.

#ApeRevolt 3

M is for monkey Wanna Play? "This cheeky little snow monkey made a snow ball and looked at me as if it wanted to start a snow fight." by Marsel van Oosten.

JAPANESE MACAQUE....or snow monkey and Nihonzaru....located in tropical forest and mountains throughout Japan.....31.5 - 37.5 inches in length....11 - 31 pounds in weight.....often found in colder regions of the country where there is heavy snowfall....spend much of their time lounging in volcanic hot springs....thought to be the inspiration behind the saying 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil'....have cheek pouches for storing food

Little Guy ~ by Marsel Oosten. These winter monkeys use hot springs to keep warm!

sleeping cats ~ via

I can't believe cats find these sleeping positions comfortable. But I sure do get a kick out of it


Finger Monkey, it size is estimated as a finger. See here Finger Monkey funny & cute images-photos.