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TVアニメ「ノラガミ ARAGOTO」公式サイト

TVアニメ「ノラガミ ARAGOTO」公式サイト

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Noragami ~~ Basically, he works for the rough equivalent of an American nickel. :: [ Noragami Motivational by RedSanguine ]

“I guess memories aren’t passed down at all…“

““I guess memories aren’t passed down at all…“ ”

kofuku ebisu sekki - Pesquisa Google

I wish we could get more than 2 scenes where Kofuku uses Kokki, but I guess it wouldn't turn out well if there was.


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Noragami revolves around a weird deity named Yato who makes a living by "ghostbusting" and doing other odd jobs. This anime is packed with funny moments that will definitely brighten your day! Here are 20 of the funniest!