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tribetwelve is my favorite anime by Valtinl.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

remember that time i drew a fake anime screenshot of severance at like 5 am that was wild tribetwelve is my favorite anime

Nationwide.. is on your side by Inuyashatotalfire on DeviantArt

Original short comic what ever this is is from . I just found it browsing on the interwebs but the point is. the idea is not mine XD Anywho, i decided to do a creepypasta version one w.

Hoodie be careful please Hoodie: I've done this before I'll be fine Me: :'( Promise me u will be thow Hoodie: *kisses my forehead* I promise kenzie Me: O-ok I'll be waiting here tell u kill Thows guy's Hoodie: Don't get shot now luv

Fan by Ashiva-K-I << Finally, some fanart dedicated just to Hoodie!

.:Proxy High:. Student and Classes by UmmuVonNadia on DeviantArt

For resources in This classes are important since it reflect your OCs capability Yellow- violent, fighters, do a lot of killing. Main job is killing.