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How do I eat it? It's bigger than I am!

I must get in shape

This is very cute but I'd just like to say that corn is not acceptable to feed to your rabbit. Don't be fooled by those dried mini corn cobs they sell for bunnies.

Does your bunny have a large indoor rabbit hutch to enjoy?

Large Indoor Rabbit Hutch, DIY Rabbit Cage Ideas & Accessories

Why a large indoor rabbit hutch? Because here at Spiffy Pet Products, we believe that your pets are family and family stays inside.

Everybunny needs somebunny sometimes.

Everybunny needs somebunny sometimes.

Cuuute ❤️

Holland Lop Dwarf if I were to get a rabbit I would have to choose one of these!

paver-mne: “Bunny appreciation post ”

astreals: “ paver-mne: “ Bunny appreciation post😍😍🐰🐰 ” this is probably the cutest bunny I’ve ever seen.


Dwarf Hotot rabbits are one of the less common breeds. The Dwarf Hotot's original home is Germany. It was developed independently in both East and West Germany in the late seventies and later crossed.