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Popular hippie styles for women included long "maxi" skirts, peasant blouses, bell-bottomed jeans, bright tie-dyes, and Eastern Indian, Native American and African influences in designs. For both men an women, sandals were popular footwear and long hair was common.

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Fuck You Bus. 1970, Powder Ridge Festival, Connecticut

"Woodstock was a pale pot scene." – 25 Amazing Photos Captured Daily Life at the Powder Ridge Rock Festival, 1970

Anti-Vietnam war protesters march down Fifth Avenue near to 81st Street in New York City on April 27, 1968, in protest of the U.S. involvement in the…

Draft cards and draft card burning - it happened in Australia too as well as protest marches. My Cousin was one of the National Conscriptees sent to Vietnam & I was active in the protest movement.

In August of 1969 - More than 500,000 people attended Woodstock Music Festival in upstate New York. Despite many logistical problems over the course of the 3 days, being grossly under-prepared for the number of attendees, and a torrential thunderstorm, the free festival is hailed by many as the pinnacle positive moment of the 1960s cultural era.

In August of 1969 - More than people attended Woodstock Music Festival - group peace sign



1969 War Protest  Our era and we listened to a daily body count of killed and injured on the nightly news during Vietnam Nam.  K.W.  We became I desensitized to death!!!

These protesters are protesting their law makers, but this scene there are multiple peace signs that speak for group idea of being tree loving people who disprove of Richard tearing down the land

Woodstock Music & Art Fair 1969 года на снимках журнала Life

At Woodstock, The wet, cold weather mattered not,Only Th Music Did! Long Live The Music Of Our Time, Man! I 25 Groovy Trends Spotted From Woodstock Festival Street Style

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An important aspect of the hippies movement was the anti-war protest. Many people were against the war, and this was shown in the music of many popular bands