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Ryan Pickart [fine artist]

painted ladies by ryan pickart. Like a modern day Klimt. "Odette," by American artist Ryan Pickart Often misattributed to Gustav

Odile by Ruan Pickart

I find Ryan Pickart’s paintings completely mesmerizing, so it’s no surprise he was one of the first artists I bookmarked when I decided to start The glow and patterns in his work are.


Self or friend portrait with patterning - image inspiration: Miss Moss Ryan Pickart (reminds me of Klimt)

Alessandra Coscino (@alecoscino) | Twitter

Albert Henry Collings, RBA British), Portrait of a Lady. Albert Henry Collings, RBA was an English artist most notable for his portraiture.

Lo Specchio-Cielo: Barbablu

Andrey Remnev, Russian artist, uses the style of icon painting. Famous for complete immobility of characters and reference to Russian ethnic style.


1902 ~ "Portrait of Gertha Felssovanyi (Gertrud Loew - Gertha Felsovanyi) ", Oil Painting by Gustav Klimt Austrian Symbolist Artist & a Prominent Member of the Vienna Secession Movement .

Felice Casorati, 1912 girl red carpet

Felice Casorati “ragazza sul tappeto rosso” “Girl on a red carpet”

Pinturas Mulheres Vestidas de Preto - Agenda White (Malcolm T. Liepke - Minneapolis)

Pinturas Mulheres Vestidas de Preto

Artist: Malcom Liepke {contemporary figurative female woman portrait painting} I really like the brushwork here and the dark colors on the bright blanket.

Ilustrações de Kris Knight na série Secrets are Things We Grow

Ilustrações de Kris Knight na série Secrets are Things We Grow

These magnificent portraits by the artist Kris Knight, taken from his latest series, Secrets Are The Things We Grow, offer a supple beauty, both relenting and quietly powerful. “This new seri…

loverofbeauty:    Ramon Casas i Carbó (1866–1932),   Preparando el baño

Ramon Casas i Carbó (Catalan Spanish artist, Preparando el baño (Preparing the Bath) Cross between realism and impressionism.

Anja by Ryan Pickart

Mix the veiny lines and goth sensibility of Egon Schiele with the colors and patterns of Gustav Klimt, and you will get Indiana artist Ryan Pickart.

some kind of color: Richard Burlet

Female portrait, oil painting by French artist Richard Burlet. Burlet was born in France in He is influenced by Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt and Art Nouveau. paintings by Burlet have classic psychedelic nature typical for art and design