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Mandevilla 'Pink Parfait', also known as Chilean Jasmine with a wonderful scent throughout the summer.

Mandevilla 'Pink Parfait' wow this pretty rose looks like a pinwhell or seaside windmill turning in the breeze .cute addition to an alice in wonderland garden, bet they sing and talk to you as you walk by.

こちらは八重の白モッコウ。 香りは白モッコウのほうがあるんです!花数は黄モッコウよりも少なめですが、それゆえにグリーンの葉の美しさが映えるんですよ♪




I have had every color in my Colorado garden. cM

I have had every color in my Colorado garden. cM

Possibly Morning Glory

Purple Morning Glory Spirals By _Maji_ Morning Glories are always planted in my garden every year. The fact that each bloom is brand new every morning reminds me of God's Mercy which is also new every morning.

Pink Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are becoming one of my favorite flowers especially this color.grew 4 calla lillies in my garden this year this color sooooo pretty!

Queen of Sweden | by Susan R~......David Austen

Beautiful pink roses for your sweet Mom Miss Shelly, as I had her in my thoughts today. (Queen of Sweden' Roses)