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This The Simpsons Poster from designer DONNIE -"Le Blog De Donnie" is titled – Got Duff?. It features Homer Simpson holding a Duff Beer (the iconic beer from the Simpsons) with a beer mustache. It plays off the old “Got Milk?” ads from about 10 years ago.  Come vote it to the front page of PosterVine: http://www.postervine.com/got-duff-homer-simpson-poster/

Simpsons "Got Duff?" Homer Beer drunk mug milk Ript Men's Ex-Large T-shirt

Mother Gothel by MarioOscarGabriele on DeviantArt

runningracingdancingchasing: “Rapunzel by MarioOscarGabriele Flynn Rider by MarioOscarGabriele Mother Gothel by MarioOscarGabriele”


Ohhh, just look at them. Being a happy family and all. King Ahadi with his queen Uru and their two sons Taka and Mufasa, with their lovies Zira and Sara. One Happy Family

Personagens Disney em retratos | Just Lia

Personagens Disney em retratos

~ † Lady Tremaine † From Cinderella ~Made By Mario Oscar Gabriele On DeviantArt.

Captain Hook by MarioOscarGabriele on DeviantArt

~ † Captain Hook From Peter Pan † Made By MarioOscarGabriele On DeviantArt.

If Disney Villains Had Won...I think Ursula upsets me the most...or Gaston.

Funny pictures about If Disney Villains Got Their Way. Oh, and cool pics about If Disney Villains Got Their Way. Also, If Disney Villains Got Their Way photos.