Tom Hiddleston

Here's Tom Hiddleston blowing a kiss of thanks to the fans.

Always dancing. (gif)

In Which Tom Hiddleston Tells You That He Loves You


This might be the last Marvel red carpet for you.(gif) - Tom crying :'( when tom cries, I cry

Because his dancing is a joy to behold. | 49 Reasons Tom Hiddleston Will Ruin You For Life

49 Reasons Tom Hiddleston Will Ruin You For Life

OOH YES!!!! , gifs on pinterest? what is this sorcery... O.o i like it, ANOTHER!<--Repin just for the comment! Hahaha!

Here, have some Tom Hiddleston. Note: not mine. (sigh)

Okay, but Loki is 'lowkey' my favourite. ...Eh? Get it?

LOKI'D<---No. The real reason I loved the Avengers is because it was an awesome movie. Love ya, Loki, but you ain't the reason I loved the movie.


This man is awesome! Tom Hiddleston continues to treat ladies with respect while others are so negative about them. I hope a lot of people look up to him and realize that this is how to treat someone to get respect To see the video....

Tom Hiddleston's impression of Owen Wilson as Loki is surreally fun

Yep, Tom said it. How lovely and fitting. :)

They are just better than real guys so I will. there are a few exceptions of course but i will obsess over them just as much!