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Grisar ska inte ha ont. Coop betalar 4 kr till alla lantbrukare som bedövar grisarna vid kastrering.

MacDonald's (finally) agrees to stop buying pork from pigs bred using insanely cruel gestation crates(small metal pens that don't even allow the animal to turn around). Small victory for these remarkable animals.


I really want a mini pig or a teacup pig, but hubby says "No". Very emphatically.

That is so cute

Funny pictures about Pancake the happiest corgi. Oh, and cool pics about Pancake the happiest corgi. Also, Pancake the happiest corgi.

I MUST have one of these...please somebody??? Anybody??? Get me one PLEASE (if it's a gift Brandon can't get mad, hehe)!!!!!!! I WANT -- I NEED -- I HAVE TO HAVE!!!!!!!!!

Funny pictures about Baby sloths. Oh, and cool pics about Baby sloths. Also, Baby sloths photos.

a one... a two... a three..that smile at the end as though it's a perfect fit

a one... a two... a three.

The story of the pig and the tub of water. - Real Funny has the best funny pictures and videos in the Universe!