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Taffy Skewers - Chews Right Even when no one is looking

Chews the right.even when nobody's looking! Cute idea that goes with the theme this year. (good gift idea for kids getting baptized too!) DO THIS WITH HI-CHEWS! My kids would love it.

Holy Ghost lesson

"How is the Holy Ghost like a soda can?" When none of them answered, we discussed how it is easy to crush an empty can. But, a can that is filled is extremely difficult to crush. When we fill our lives with the Holy Ghost, we can't be crushed

2012 FHE lessons that go along with the Primary theme of "Choose the Right"

2012 - FHE lessons for a year - Based off the 2012 Primary Theme --- awesome!

Agency game - (or CTR) A Year of FHE: 2012 - Wk. 19: Peer Pressure

Agency game - (or CTR) A Year of FHE: 2012 - Wk. Peer Pressure - Have done a few off of this website! I will use the yes and no for other lessons also